Friday, July 30, 2010

SD Comic Con - The Art

No photos in here, just some of the things I drew... and some things people drew for me!

Glen Keane, Jin Kim and Chris Sanders. Mostly, I got people to sign the art books I bought.

Drawing at the airport produced many... not so great drawings. This one was an exception, that I may take to a more finished level.

This one was not an exception, and was instead a goofy self-portrait of how burned I was. Now I'm just tanned and peely.

And of course, the obligitory "I miss my room mate" drawing. I may do a little more with this on the computer, because I think it's really fun.


jonnydark said...

Awesome Possum!

Nicole Kozak said...

ooooh so cool!

My inner fan girl is so excited for you.
Also, cute roomate dance photo. why isnt dubeta doing raptor claws though? ;)

dubeta said...

It looks like I am doing my interrogation dance, Kozak, which is quite accurate.

I miss you Nichole! So cool that you got to meet those awesome folks, looks like you had a great time in San Diego!

PS I am going to Urban Outfitters today, maybe I'll pick up a Slut flask so we can match <3

Nic said...

I would be so excited if you had a slut flask. Or the 'Bitch' flask.

And you are totes mcgoats doing your interrogation dance.

That was just for you.