Wednesday, September 12, 2012

GIRLS: Fact or Fiction

Well, I'm a little late on the announcement, but(!) I'm one of the participants in Light Grey Lab's next show: GIRLS: Fact or Fiction! I'll be revisiting the wonderful Jessica Rabbit. Get excited! I know I am.

Quite a few friends of mine/people I like got in too! You should probably also check them out.

Taryn Gee | Kyle Cahill | Frank Macchia | Jez Tuya | Cheyenne Curtis | Genevieve FT

Okay, okay, you caught me, there isn't a picture in this post. I'm hoping to have one up soon though! I've spent the last week neglecting my blog, so I thought I'd drop by.


Frank Macchia said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Nichole. Congrats to you as well!
really looking forward to being a part of this show with all of you.
Looks like it's gonna be a book too!
exciting stuff.

Kyle said...

So many cool people, I visit that list every day and pick a few to check out. Can't wait! C: