Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I guess she wouldn't be called "Cinderella"

Cheyenne decided today she'd do a "Mermaid Tale", and I thought I'd follow suit! I've always thought lion fish were crazy pretty.

So... Alegaella (EDIT: Finderella) perhaps? And her fishy fairy godmother.

So many people have joined in the fun! Check out #mermaidweek for our new players!

(Also, check out Spencer's sweet post, since he doesn't have twitter!!)


James P. Gibson said...

So she would have a Glass Flipper?

Nic said...

Heck yes she would!

Why is everyone better at making fish puns than I am? Haha

Kirsten Whiteley said...

That is the best fairy godmother ever.

Jeremy Bondy said...

this is awesome! I'll post my mermaid drawings soon!