Sunday, March 21, 2010


It's my first cafe sketching trip in a while. I did the blue ones at the airport on the way to/from the Bahamas, and the red at Artisano's today. Didn't edit any out either, so critique away. I need to get better >_<; I really like some of them though.


sussman said...

nichoooooole, hi
id say take note of head shapes and exaggerate them more as a starting point. then add the facial features, but dont be afraid to use many different and random shapes to describe the nose or eyes etc. Also try doing more than one design for each person. draw a bunch, each time trying something new/different, and the design will evolve. most of these are fairly realistic..,.,.,dont copy, but interpret what you see and make it your own, even if it means changing some facial feature and losing a bit of the likeness, its all good as long as you get their personality and get the message across. hope this helps(?) keep it up :)

Nic said...

Thanks a bunch! Believe it or not, these are more exaggerated than normal too (for some). Anyway, I'm just gonna keep on trucking.

Thanks for the crit though.

Kyle Mowat said...

that's definitely some good advice from sussquatch.
and I'm just gonna repeat one of his points. do multiple drawings of the same person and keep trying new things. It's alot easier to really push it with each reiteration of the drawing, improving on what you did previously and adding new things as you go along.